Letter From The Founders


When I think of resilience, I think of us women. When life kicks us down, pushes us to ground us, women do what we do best; we might cry it out, take our break, but THEN we pick ourselves up, regroup and get back up stronger than we were before.

With Verona we almost failed. Our business was kicked down to the ground, with factories shutting down, shipping delays our entire operations almost came crashing down. In fact, it did. And as a result we failed in customer service, we failed in operations. Every part of our business was affected.

But, this company has two founders, who are women. Which means it's in our blood to be resilient. So we decided to take 2 steps back in order for Verona to be able to take 10 steps further. We see failure as a way to learn. So therefore, it's not failure, it's a means of growth. To Not repeat our mistakes and become better. Better humans, better Muslims, better business owners. Our relaunch took much longer than expected. And that's ok because it's not about speed it's about quality. And that is what we are promising you going forward.

Thank you for all your support!

Lisa & Alaa