Our Story

Alaa and I met in the middle of Ramadan in 2014.

I was Wing in New Mexico at the tirne and Alaa was in Dallas, but I was visiting Dallas to meet a friend. I had my 6 rnonth old baby with rne and I was pregnant with my second.

My friend who I was visiting took rne to taraweeh prayer me night, and I saw this extrernely outgoing person running towards She started showing me dresses she designed and was sharing excitement about a line she was launching. Her was Alaa.

I had been wuking in the rmdest fashion industry for a few years and had worked with various brands around the world. Alaa and I were both we-king on two very different projects, but we decided to join forces and see what happens.

I put in the money I had, Alaa put in the money she had, and we ended up with $7,000. We started putting together shipments out of my closet, and within two weeks, we sold out.

We were running out of space in the closet, so we started working out of Alaais living roomÖ little did we know that a month later, we would have to get a warehouse due to the surplus of orders.

Two years later, Verona launched in Macy's. It was the first modest fashion brand to be launched and sold in a U.S department store. We reached a milestone and it felt too good to be true.

We have been featured everywhere, from Vogue to Glamour Magazine, to even the New York Times. But thatis not what is important to us. What matters rnore is that Alaa and I have a lifelong bond; we have a sisterhood that runs far deeper than just Verona.

Alaa was a huge source of support and comfort during my transition to becoming a single rmrn, overnight. She helped me pack my car and leave an abusive marriage. We had just launched Verona at that time.

We started this line because we wanted to give wornen the confidence to be proud of who they are. Our hope and aim is to give women the opportunity to wear their identity with pride.

  • Lisa is an activist and humanitarian. Aside from modest fashion she is Passionate about Creating Change and Working Towards a better World.
  • As a Survivor of domestic violence, She has dedicated life to helping other survivors and victims.
  • She is single mom with two beautiful boy's.
  • This is one most donit know Lisa was a NCAA Ranked Softball player at Chatham University.
  • She has to have her Starbucks coffee every day, and sometimes every night. (Shh)
  • She is a huge fan of basketball. She says she is an amazing point guard (but Lisa says sheis lying).
  • She can give up all the food in the worldÖ except for chocolate.
  • She drives Lisa crazy.
  • Alaa is deathly afraid to fly!