There’s no doubt about it — the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into all of our 2020 plans.


Verona Collection was on a rebound, approaching a new launch, and then suddenly everything came to a halt.


Alaa and I felt defeated. We had spent years investing our time and energy into Verona.


What began as a small modest fashion line out of our closets had gone as far as becoming the first to be launched and sold in U.S department stores, like Macy’s and ASOS.


There was no way we could give up at this point, even though all our Verona factories had closed down.


And we didn’t.


Alaa and I pushed through, and focused our energy on taking care of all the logistical issues that had been thrown at us, like keeping employees on, ()  , etc. The factories were closed for almost 5 months. We felt hopeless at times but we kept treading along, proving to ourselves how resilient we have the power to be. Alaa and I made a conscious effort to have conviction in His plan, keeping in mind that the heart and soul we’ve poured into Verona would not be wasted, no matter what. 


By the grace of God, everything is now running smoothly. We’ve received shipments for new products and are already setting up photo shoot dates and times.


The entire Verona team is so excited for you to witness what’s to come in the next few weeks. Our hijabs will be fully restocked, along with our casual and formal attire/dresses. Since so many of us are still working from home or quarantining due to COVID-19, we also have A LOT of lounge-wear being released!


Be prepared to witness your favorite modest clothing line to not only bounce back… but to be upgraded to a level it has never been at before.

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