Verona Collection have teamed up with the Muslim news to produce a series of videos called More Than Modest.

Verona Collection and The Muslim News wanted to reach out to Muslim women and hear what they had to say on topics affecting their daily lives and the resulting video clips should be both entertaining and enlightening.

The members of the panel come from a number of backgrounds, including:

Yasmine Alom, Senior make up artist for Mac and entrepreneur, Dr Huda Thakur a medical doctor and corporate business coach, Aisha Rahman aka @ModestStreet a life style blogger, Fatima Lilly aka @Arabolish a modest fashion blogger and Zahra Rose an Entrepreneur and modest fashion model. Mariam Taqi is a celebrity makeup artist, Maryam Marurimz a social worker and Narjice Basaran a charity founder and Digital Marketing consultant and many more ladies to come in upcoming videos.

The final videos will be available to view on both Verona Collection and The Muslim News social media channels.

Updates with links to videos will be made on this page as soon they are released.

We will be releasing two videos each month including some of the topics below:

  • "The aunty interrogation" bullying vs concern - how do we deflect the dark side??
  • "Where have all the real men gone... Will I die single!!?"
    Why is it so hard to get married? What are we doing wrong?
  • "Shhhhhh don't talk about it, what will people say"
    Domestic violence, who is left with the stigma? Why is it so hard to talk about?
  • "It's worse to be divorced right"
    Domestic Violence, live with it or walk away?
  • "Till 20 - don't talk to boys it's haram, at 21 why aren't you married?"
    What's a girl supposed to do?
  • "Feel free to anglicize me"
    Intergration into western society - can we intergrate without assimilating?
    • "Did you make me this way?"
      Stress Vs Mental illness?
      How can we educate our communities on how to deal with Mental health issues?